Graphic Design Services

The design of your marketing collateral (website, business cards, postcards, email messages, social media graphics, etc.) says a lot about your business and leaves an impression in the minds of your prospects and customers.

Does it come across as professional or does it look homemade? Is it clean or cluttered?

Does it make your company look like a trusted business or a one that is desperate and overly salesy?

Your Branding

Each business has its own tone or character. For example a luxury brand will have a completely different feel than a local gymnastics-training center for kids. The character of your business—your branding—should come through so that your customers instantly recognize your business. And it should be consistent across all the promotional materials you produce.

Once your branding is clearly established the goal of each individual graphic design project you have produced is to attract and interest the viewer, then deliver your message to achieve your goal.

Basically it needs to communicate.

And, it needs to communicate effectively

in the short time span someone reviews it.

So what exactly is graphic design?

According to Merriam-Webster graphic design is:

Each element of design has its own character and individually delivers its own mood and communication.

Together they determine the quality of the design.

For example, a typeface can convey luxury.

Or fun.


Images can be classy.

Or simply trashy.

A cluttered layout will imply amateurishness.

And a clean one conveys professionalism.

Does the design capture attention?

In addition to the above, each marketing piece must convey the appropriate tone or mood for the intended target audience in order to capture their attention in the first place.

With proper layout, graphic design will draw people’s attention with visual guideposts, white space and color. Along with good copy, it is this art of composition—pulling the correct tone or mood, the branding and other diverse elements together into a cohesive whole—which determine if a piece is effective or not.

Teens would have no interest in
something with a corporate feel.

Most men wouldn’t respond to a
graphic design piece that is overly pink.

This would be more
appropriate for them.

Just as only a small percentage of women would respond to a completely masculine piece.

My Graphic Design Process

At the start of a project I ask you questions about everything from your business goals, your target market, competitors, color preferences, etc.

Then I look at your competitors collateral and companies with similar goals as part of market research.

Graphic design is a lot about problem-solving through the use of type, space, and image.  So at this stage I begin conceptualizing an overall layout and start planning out images and type styles that would work to provide the correct character or mood.

Next, I take your words and branding elements and lay them out in an aesthetic design to create the complete visual message. I will create or obtain imagery based on the target market positioning.

I put all the elements together and make a clean, stylish design using white space and eye trail so it clearly communicates your message.

Before sending to you, I’ll q/c it by checking:

  • Has it been spell-checked?
  • Does it have basic contact info?
  • Does it clearly describe what it is?
  • Is pricing info included?
  • And other items on my list.

Then I make any requested modifications, and finally:

Send you the final files.

Why Choose Me for Graphic Design Services?

My design philosophy is simplicity and effectiveness.

I specialize in creating clean and simple designs that effectively communicate your message. A lot of people have called my style “clean modern.”

But that doesn’t mean I use this style for every project. I’m able to adapt to whatever style is needed and have worked for a variety of different business types. View my Graphic Design Services Portfolio to see the various styles I’ve produced.

What makes me different is that I get to know you and your business and, most importantly, your customers and what they need. I apply lessons learned from my 20 years of design and marketing experience working with other businesses just like yours.

I research your competitors and become part design expert, part investigator, digging for information. I might even do some informal surveys. Or ask you to.

Why? So that I can create a design that effectively communicates to your target audience, helps you stand out from the competition and achieves your business goals.

And I do it with style.

But don’t just take my word; check out what clients have said
about working me and the designs I’ve created for them.

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